Emmanuel Macron apostrophized by a crying anti-vaccine nurse: “You know very well that it does not work”

After visiting a center for Ukrainian refugees in Maine-et-Loire, French President Emmanuel Macron was shouted at in the crowd by an anti-vaccine nurse who begged him to relax the vaccination protocol in French hospitals.

“We have no more work, help us”, implored this lady in tears. Taken aback by her sadness, the president approached this woman who seemed desperate and asked her why she no longer had a job.

“Why force caregivers to get vaccinated? Sir, you know very well that it does not work”then asked the lady who was filming with her smartphone.

The president replied calmly and in a soft voice: “But Madame, if you want to talk to me, the best thing is not to film me out of courtesy. I come to see you nicely and I understand your emotion”.

The lady then switched off her device and took the opportunity to speak to the leader of France.

And this one to justify its position on the measures related to the coronavirus pandemic. “There, the government in the short term is not going to remove the vaccination obligation”he assured her firmly.

To the lady who hastalked about his colleagues who were alone“as an argument, the president told him that they were still more than 95% of them to have been vaccinated.

Source- https://www.rtl.be/people/potins/emmanuel-macron-apostrophe-par-une-soignante-anti-vaccin-en-pleurs-vous-savez-tres-bien-que-cela-ne-fonctionne-pas–1363875.aspx