Emmanuel Macron caricatured: discover his puppet at the Guignols

On June 22, 2018, a few weeks away from the 30th anniversary of Info Guignols, Canal+ had made the decision to permanently lower the curtain of the show. An announcement that did not satisfy everyone, since the independent media Blastlaunched by Denis Robert, is working hard for the return of this satirical program. A shy return initially announced on the show C media on France 5 presented by Melanie Taravantthen by the media itself during a video YouTube posted on October 30, calling for support. In this video, the journalist explained: “Project M, which I’m sure will become a major Blast program. This mythical show that we want to resuscitate is currently under embargo and in preparation.” An enigmatic speech that left the subscribers of the channel on their hunger.

However, this Friday, December 30, the independent media created a surprise on its YouTube channel with its new video. Named Les Jeveux 2023 to the French of the President of the Republicthis 4 min 58 sec video features Emmanuel Macron as a puppet Guignols. During his satirical speech, the caricature of the Head of State begins by evoking “signs of affection” that he received, but not only: “I felt your contempt, I also felt your slaps.” The tone is set, we find the humorous editorial line that made the glory of Guignolsand this until the end of the speech dEmmanuel Macron. A video that arrives the day before the official and traditional December 31 speech. The sequence repeats the codes.

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The return of the Guignols?

Whether the return of Guignols was not announced as such by Blast, that’s what the call for support video foreshadowed. Denis Robert had also promised to put a first sketch online before the end of the year, between Christmas and New Year’s Day, “just to show that these are not empty words.” That’s it, and Blast is already preparing the sequel. At the end of the video appears a message: “2023 is going to be worse than 2022. Unless Blast comes back in force with the M project. We’re going to be pushed, threatened, attacked, bollored… But if you’re there, it’s going to be fine.” A statement that suggests that Les Guignols may be back in 2023.

Article written in collaboration with 6médias

Photo credits: Eliot Blondet/Pool/Bestimage

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