Emmanuel Macron in Love is in the meadow? Karine Le Marchand amused by an astonishing suggestion

On Wednesday May 4, Karine Le Marchand shared a fun idea in an Instagram story: looking for a, or rather a Prime Minister, Emmanuel Macron could participate in Love is in the meadow to find the right candidate.

Re-election in the pocket since April 24, Emmanuel Macron tackled a new project: that of find a new prime minister. The President of the Republic has nevertheless proposed to the current occupant of the post, John Castex, to extend the adventure, but the latter refused, considering that it was not the best option. Because a new electoral deadline is fast approaching, with the legislative elections next June. The current resident of Matignon would not disappear from the political landscape, since he could be appointed Minister of Justice or take over an office in charge of pension reform. Brigitte Macron’s husband therefore has until May 13, the day before the official start of his second term, to find a replacement for the mayor of Prades. Or rather a replacementsince the latest rumors would have it that the president is looking for a woman politician to become Prime Minister.

President seeks Prime Minister

But no name has yet filtered on the candidates envisaged by Emmanuel Macron. A mystery that obviously inspires cartoonists this week, especially those of the famous chained duck. In its edition of May 4, the newspaper unveiled a drawing in which Jean Castex suggests to the President of the Republic a fun way to find the ideal woman to replace him: “As a last resort, there is always Love is in the meadow” can we read.

A joke that greatly amused the host of M6’s flagship program, Karine Le Marchand. Stéphane Plaza’s great friend shared the caricature in an Instagram story, adding in the caption “I’m such a diplomat…“accompanied by an amused emoji. While it is also rumored that Marlène Schiappa will participate in a future edition of Dance with the starsWill Emmanuel Macron put on the boots to look for his new ally at the head of the state?


Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/emmanuel-macron-dans-lamour-est-dans-le-pre-karine-le-marchand-amusee-par-une-etonnante-suggestion-728658