Emme and Seraphina defy stereotypes with their androgynous style: Jennifer Lopez’s daughter and Ben Affleck’s daughter build a great bond of friendship based on many coincidences | People | Entertainment

Emme Maribel Munizdaughter of Jennifer Lopez, is quickly becoming a symbol of inclusion without realizing it. In fact, the daughter of Ben Affleck, seraphineapparently follows in the footsteps of his stepsister.

Recently, during the benefit gala of the Foundation of the Dodgersthe singer American surprised everyone by presenting the 14-year-old teenager, using inclusive language.

Emme Muñiz considers herself a non-binary gender

According to the Terra web portal, both JLo and Mark Anthony, Emme’s parents, accept the non-binary gender condition of which their daughter openly declares herself affinity. Many web portals talk about this, and now Ben Affleck’s daughter, Seraphina, joins this movement.

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Muñiz made his singing debut a few days ago, and he did it in a great way in a concert part-time with his mother, Jennifer Lopez, who on this occasion, and being June the month of pride LGBTQ+took the opportunity to bring her daughter on stage with a microphone that had the colors of the community flag.

This scene, where artist He presented his daughter with an inclusive language, while hugging her tightly, aroused tenderness in Internet users and the moment was marked for all those present.

Seraphina is the owner of an androgynous style equal to Emme’s

Apparently, the topic of inclusion and non-binary gender is openly discussed in the family by Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. In fact, the daughter of actor American is also going through stages of self-knowledge and sexual definition.

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On occasions prior to this revelation, Emme and Seraphina were caught having a good time together in the company of their parents. According to the testimony of those close to the family, both are very “good friends” and support each other in this process of self-recognition.

Seraphina is seen wearing genderless clothing similar to what Emme wears. With her androgynous styles, the daughters of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck look relaxed, not afraid of what they will say with their styles in common.

Since the transformation of the daughter of the Bronx diva, her favorite pieces are baggy jeans, unbuttoned plaid shirts and oversize cardigans, with comfortable sneakers, combinations that distinguish her style.

In the specific case of Seraphina, neither Ben nor Jennifer Garner They spoke openly as if Jennifer Lopez did it in public with her daughter, although it is known that Ben’s ex-partner allows the young woman to dress and express herself freely.

Without a doubt, the support from Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez for them is invaluable. Jennifer Garner and Marc Anthony are also sympathetic and present for the youths in these important moments of your life and growth. (AND)

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