Emotional farewell to a beloved journalist at Noticias Caracol; will be off the air for a while

Edward Porras, popularly known in the world of journalism as ‘The Eye of the Night’, has become one of the most beloved reporters in Snail News During the last years.

Likewise, thousands of viewers frequently connect to the first broadcast of the news program to learn about the different notes of the communicator, which shows in detail what happens in Bogotá in the early hours of the morning.

The journalist, on the other hand, surprised all his followers this week by assuring that he is leaving the news for a while. Even in the broadcast last Friday he said goodbye to all his colleagues.

The beloved presenter assured that he will simply take a few days of vacation to recharge energies, since he pointed out that it is time to rest and spend quality time with his family.

“We end with the image of the Eye of Night, which this time is from the Las Américas Shopping Center. With this information I say goodbye until next year. It’s time to rest.” initially stated.

Later, Porras concluded in full news: “I’m going to rest until mid-January, but first I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you for joining us every morning. God bless you, see you soon.”

It should be remembered that the renowned reporter could not hide his sadness a few months ago and was one of the most nostalgic during Juan Diego Alvira’s farewell Snail News.

Alejandra Giraldo had lapses live

Alejandra Giraldo, who is currently one of the main presenters of Caracol Televisión, starred in a funny situation last week in the middle of the news and had a small slip.

The funny moment was recorded when the communicator gave way to her partner Andrés Montoya, who was doing reporting in the south of Bogotá, to show his report on the celebration of the Day of the Little Candles in that area of ​​the city.

After the live presentation, the woman from Antioquia got her name confused and said “Juan” to the renowned journalist, who took it well and continued with the news without any problem.

“Hey, John. Not John, Andrew. It is that there does not have to be manipulation of gunpowder on these dates ”, Giraldo corrected during the live, who was recently upset by an assault on a McDonald’s employee.

That little slip of the presenter of Snail News generated several comments and many Internet users recalled the good relationship he had with his former partner Juan Diego Alvira.

The woman from Antioquia and the journalist from Tolima were together for more than four years on the morning newscast of Caracol Televisión, so much so that they starred in many funny moments live.

Even the renowned presenter once complained to viewers about the alleged ridicule he received from his partner, after he lost the thread and made a mistake explaining a news item in full news. Alejandra Giraldo was not far behind and responded to her colleague on the air: “Oh, please, they are witnesses.”