Enanitos Verdes celebrates 40 years of career with a documentary – The Sun Post

Enanitos Verdes did not let the pandemic stop the celebrations for their 40th anniversary that they celebrated in 2019. In March they resumed their tour of Latin America, and now they are preparing a documentary that will rescue the best moments in their history, through unpublished images of what they experienced behind the scenes throughout those four decades.

“We are beginning to film and unarchive many things. I have a lot of material, we have already been taking out pieces that I had in my house,” guitarist Felipe Staiti advanced in an interview with The Sun of Mexico.

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So far they do not know if it will be a feature film or a docuseries, since “with so many years it is enough for us to make a three-part film,” joked the musician, although he assured that it will be a merely documentary project, without any element of fiction. .

The original group from Mendoza, Argentina, was formed in 1979, by Staiti himself, together with the vocalist and bassist Marciano Cantero, but it was not until 1984 when they recorded their first album, titled Enanitos Verdes. Four years later they were already known throughout Latin America, and were awarded two Silver Torches at the acclaimed Viña del Mar Festival.

Felipe remembers that those years between the founding of the band and the release of their first material were crucial for realizing their full potential, and thus they started a recording career with full awareness of their artistic capacity.

“The concert at the Skirts in Córdoba, Argentina, in 1984, before we recorded the first album, we were nominated as the revelation band. It was a pivotal event because it gave us the impetus to say look, journalism supports us, let’s go forward. We put it somewhere else, at least in the head”.

His successes as Bolivian lament, the green wall, Same as yesterday, For the rest Y white guitars They have been heard in around two thousand concerts throughout the continent, in addition to being the Spanish-speaking band with the highest number of presentations in the United States, adding 400 dates. They have also received two nominations for the Grammy Awards, thanks to their albums. Nectar Y acoustic betrayal.

Since its inception they have been considered “a reactionary band that sings from the guts”, something that has remained to date. “Our music has always been what has come out of us and what we have wanted to say. The things that mobilized us before continue to do so, the dawn continues to mobilize us, the bad policies of the countries, not taking care of the planet, love, already We always sing to him.”

However, Felipe clarified that this spirit goes hand in hand with their search for excellence, because no matter how well received their music is, they always maintain that hunger to surpass themselves. “When you fall asleep on laurels, they turn yellow until they dry up and fall off,” he said.

“We always seek to make the best album, when they ask me what our best material is, I answer ‘the one we are going to record’. It seems to me that whether it is a year, 20 or 100, the idea is to make the best music and the best we can , to document to future generations who the Green Dwarfs are”.

To commemorate this anniversary with their Mexican fans, they offer a series of concerts, which started on April 16 and will run until June 4, visiting Mexico City (April 29), Monterrey (May 5), Puebla ( May 14), Oaxaca (May 15), Orizaba (May 20), San Luis Potosí (June 2) and Tijuana (June 3).