Endometriosis: Youtuber Ana Johnson talks about fighting infertility

It’s probably one of the worst messages a young woman can get: “You’ll never be able to have children naturally!” Youtuber and influencer Ana Johnson had to deal with this diagnosis. The 29-year-old and her husband Tim have been trying to have children for five years now.

Unfulfilled desire to have children

In her latest YouTube video, the young woman finally breaks her silence and speaks openly with her community about the desire to have children and endometriosis. A little embarrassed, she looks into the camera and sketches her ordeal. She talks openly about the beginnings of her desire to have children, the marathon of doctors and treatments, and the final diagnosis. Endometriosis is one of the most common abdominal diseases in women. It is caused by growth of tissue that resembles the lining of the uterus outside the uterus. So far, endometriosis cannot be completely cured.

With her video, Johnson wants to break the taboo surrounding the topic of infertility and encourage women with the same diagnosis. The influencer and her husband Tim decided after their wedding in 2018 that they wanted to have children. Two years later, the couple went to the doctor, they felt something was wrong. The young woman reports on the years of treatment marathon, the weekly visits to her gynecologist and the enormous pressure from outside that she felt. “I didn’t want to tell my friends and family at first. I always had to find excuses for my doctor’s visits.”

Tim and Ana Johnson

Tim and Ana Johnson
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Treatment marathon and diagnosis

The doctor couldn’t find anything and encouraged the young woman not to give up hope. She eventually referred Johnson to a specialist to perform a hysteroscopy. The operation brought the couple sobering. When the Youtuber woke up from the anesthetic, the doctor confronted her with the diagnosis: “You have extremely severe endometriosis, you have blocked fallopian tubes on both sides. You are infertile and will never be able to have children naturally.”

At that moment, Ana’s heart broke into 1000 pieces. The last straw the couple had been clutching at was taken from them. “I will never forget this moment, how insensitively I was told at the time,” says Johnson with tears in his eyes.

The couple doesn’t want to give up hope, they want to keep fighting for their dream. At the beginning of 2022, they decided to go to the fertility clinic. The Johnsons have since regained their strength and have had five more fertility treatments. Without success. But Ana doesn’t want to be defeated and states: “I tried not to let the desire to have children determine my life, but also to continue living normally, as normally as possible.”