Enmity? Televisa actress reveals that Eiza González stole the role of a soap opera

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Mexico City.- Sofia Escobosa was honest and revealed that a few years ago Eiza Gonzalez he stole the role of a telenovela for which he auditioned in his first attempts to gain a foothold in show business.

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the driver of Tell me now!She was a guest on the show faisy nightsfrom Unicable, where she explained that she was Eiza’s partner in the Art Education Center from Televisaso he had the opportunity to treat her.

During the interview with FaisySofía assured that she fought to become an actress, although her physique would be an inconvenience to get characters in the television station’s melodramas.

The truth is that I’m 1.78, I’m very tall and there are very few tall Mexican hunks. I had a lot of problems with height in acting and once I was in a shortlist to be the antagonist, they told me: Sofia you will never be an antagonist, look at your bone structure, you are very big, your tone of voice is very serious, get out of driving,” he said.

Likewise, Sofía Escobosa recalled how Eiza González was chosen to play a role for which she also auditioned, although she did not reveal the name of this production.

Finally, the 36-year-old driver recalled how the actress prepared herself in the school bathrooms, since from the beginning she visualized herself working in Hollywood.

We were in the first year of the CEA and I remember that in the bathrooms she looked in the mirror, she began to practice English, and she always knew she was going to be in Hollywood, she always knew and look where she is, at least it was Eiza González the one who stayed with the character,” he said.

Source: TV Notes