Enrique Bunbury cancels his tour of Spain and anticipates his retirement from the stage | music CELEBS RMMN | SHOWS

The singer from Zaragoza Enrique Bunbury has announced this Sunday that, due to his throat problems, he is canceling his tour of the United States, as well as the planned concerts in Spain, “with all the pain” in his heart.

Unfortunately, today in Chicago, one day before the celebration of the ‘show’ in Rosemont, we have to announce that we will not be able to continue with the tour. My throat and breathing problems increased and came back sharply last night and what I thought was going to be controlled is totally out of my hands and desires”Bunbury explained in a statement.

A situation that has forced him, “with all the pain” in his heart, to “advance what he already saw as imminent”.

“It is impossible for me to do more concerts. I understand that many of you bought tickets for a North American tour that was already ‘sold out’ (sold out) and a Spanish tour that aimed at the same”, he added about some tickets whose amount will be returned.

As explained by the artist in this statement, when two months ago he announced the concerts of “The Last Tour”, he wanted to “fulfill the commitments previously made, both in the United States and in Spain”.

With Latin America we were on time, since no agreement had yet been closed”, he added.

But, given “the events”, his band and he tried to “reduce both the ‘tour’ of the USA and Spain” to leave “as much time as possible between concerts” and thus “ensure as much as possible” that his voice “could respond ”.

As he has also told, a few days ago the first of the “shows” of this farewell tour began in New York, which continued in Atlanta. “Both were two fabulous concerts, both for the public and for us, I think I can say with some pride”, he detailed.

Bunbury, at 54, thanked his fans for their “understanding” in what he described as a “painful” moment for him and the entire team.

The man from Zaragoza, who was going to say goodbye to the United States on June 6, still had concerts in Chicago, Houston, El Paso, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Anaheim pending. (Source: EFE)


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