Enrique claims in his autobiography that he killed 25 people during his military service in Afghanistan.

Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex, states in his autobiography, which went on sale this Thursday in Spain by mistake five days before the official date, that he killed 25 people while serving as a helicopter pilot during the war in Afghanistan .

Enrique, who served in the Army for ten years, rising to the rank of captain, recounts that he did not think of those 25 lives as “people”, but as “chess pieces” on a board, as reported by the newspaper ‘The Telegraph’ .

Harry also narrates a discussion he had with Prince William at his London home in 2019 as part of his wedding to Meghan Markle. The prince claims that his sister called his wife “rude” and “difficult”, names used frequently by the tabloids in the UK.

After this, Enrique assures that the discussion heated up until Guillermo grabbed him by the neck and threw him to the ground. The prince assures in his autobiography that his sister was not being “rational” and accuses him of acting as the “heir” to the British Crown, according to the newspaper ‘The Guardian’.

Regarding the alleged altercation of 2019, Enrique highlights that before telling his wife, who was “sad” about what happened, he told his therapist. Family quarrels reached such a point that King Charles III begged his sons to have a truce after the funeral of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

The autobiography, published in Spain five days before it goes on official sale on January 10, under the name ‘En la sombra’, reveals leaked details such as his son’s pleas to Carlos III not to be married the queen ‘consort’, Camila.