Enrique Iglesias and Anna show themselves as parents and show how big their children are

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova They have formed a beautiful family, with their three beautiful children, Nicholas, Lucy and Mary.

The couple has more than 10 years together, and although they share little of their private life in networks, sometimes they show their family life, charming their fans.

His three children are his greatest happiness, and both have made it clear that they are funny, exemplary, and inspiring parents.

The couple recently shared photos and videos of their three children, showing how much they have grown and how beautiful they are.

Enrique Iglesias: that’s how big his three children are

This Sunday the couple not only celebrated the Mother’s Day, also the singer’s birthday, so both posted photos and videos with their children.

The Russian tennis player published a tender and adorable family photo where she appears with the singer and Mary, Lucy and Nicholas, where you can see how big they are.

In the photo you see Mary on the neck of Enrique Iglesias with a very feminine and flirtatious look with leggings, skirt, and pink sweater.

Lucy, for her part, is sitting on Anna’s legs in a very chic red and white dress, while kissing Enrique, and Nicholas is sitting on the other leg of the tennis player in a white shirt.

This image captivated the fans, because they had been waiting for a postcard of the whole family for a long time.

“Finally you can see them together, how beautiful”, “I loved this photo so tender, their children are beautiful”, “how beautiful and big are those children, beautiful”, “those children are perfect, how beautiful”, and “they are so cute and charismatic”, were some of the reactions in networks.

The singer, for his part, published a video in which he sees Anna in her role as mom, dancing with one of her little ones and with the message “Happy Mother’s Day! To all the mothers in the world, you are great 🤟❤️”.