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Actor and theater director Enrique Pintione of the great icons of Argentine humor, died this Sunday at the age of 82, leaving behind a career of more than six decades on stage, as confirmed by the Comafi Multiteatro of Buenos Aires.

“We chose to say goodbye to Enrique Pinti -a huge reference for this theater house- remembering his last marquee. Finally, his health did not allow him to specify the “Very soon” announced. Undoubtedly, Enrique stars today in one of the saddest moments in the history of Argentine theater, ”Comafi reported through his Twitter profile.

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According to local media, The actor was admitted to the Otamendi Sanatorium in the Argentine capital since March 5where he died this morning after suffering a decompensation.

The news of his death provoked a multitude of reactions on social networks, with hundreds of people saying goodbye to the artist from Buenos Aires with affection and nostalgia.

“Enrique Pinti was the king of humor, but also the king of sanity, the one who in difficult times gave us his words of common sense. My excited greeting to a great reference of our profession. May the earth be light to you, dear Enrique”, wrote the Argentine playwright osvaldo santoro on his Twitter account.

“With great sadness, today we have to say goodbye to one of the last capocomicos in our country. Of exceptional intelligence and humor, Enrique Pinti toured the theaters of the country and the world giving us his art, ”said the mayor of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

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Born on October 7, 1939 in Buenos Aires, Enrique Alejandro Pinti He marked several generations of Argentines thanks to his exceptional sense of humor, which he used to reflect on the political, social and world news of the moment.

Scathing and satirical like few others, Pinti developed a successful career in the world of theater, cinema, television, radio, music and even literature, with more than a dozen books published.

The porteño actor was one of the greatest exponents of café-concerta genre similar to today’s stand-up comedy.

One of his greatest successes, in this sense, was Creole sauce (1985), a show that remained on the bill for more than ten years and in which he played different characters from Argentine and world history.

As a theater director, he also adapted renowned foreign works such as Chicago, Filomena Marturano and Young Frankensteinperformed, the latter, by Guillermo Francella.

Pinti’s irreverent and cheeky style was recognized with many awards, including four Martín Fierro awards (2003, 2007, 2009 and 2012) and two Platinum Konex awards (1991 and 2001). (I)