[Entrevista] “The first recording of ‘Tabaco y Chanel’ was made in Ecuador (…) Bacilos’ music is half Ecuadorian”, says Jorge Villamizar, lead singer of Bacilos | People | Entertainment

Owners of a repertoire that includes some of the inevitable hymns of Latin American partiesthe grouping Bacilos was in Guayaquil to be part of the Beerman Fest and to promote his new single, She withers the flowers, where the Venezuelan musician collaborates Jorge Luis Chacin and whose video clip is starring actress Mabel Moreno of woman-fragranced coffee (2021).

Jorge Villamizar and Andre Lopes They also talked with this newspaper about their relationship with our country, what new artists influence them and what keeps them on the musical path.

How has your connection with the Ecuadorian public grown over time?

Andrew: It is getting stronger. Obviously we are visiting cities where we have been many times and we have incredible memoriesbut each visit is a new connection.

Jorge: Our first Show international was in Ecuador and I grew up in Ecuador. Then, The first time we played outside the bars of Miami was at a Reina de Quito in 1997. The first recording of Tobacco and Chanandhe It was made in Ecuador with Paco Godoy and Santiago Luzuriaga, may he rest in peace. Bacilos is half-Ecuadorian music because I don’t have a passport, but my first recordings were here and they are strongly influenced by my experience living here and by artists who inspired me when I was a kid, like Héctor Napolitano and Hugo Hidrovo. who were my idols at that time.

What was it like to reconnect with your audience after the pandemic?

Andrew: The desire to be on stage and play the classic songs and the new ones accumulated and then when we start with the concerts, we go out with everything, we put together a tremendous band and we have a tremendous work team and the idea is to give people everything they expect from a Show of bacilliall in a very dynamic and very funny way.

Jorge: After so long without doing concerts, the voice loses its shape. I was not very judicious doing scales and things like that and then it becomes difficult for you to finish the shows at voice level, because it is like a musclethat if he is not exercising constantly, he gets unused to it.

With so many hits in your repertoire, how do you enjoy the musical legacy you’ve forged?

Jorge: It feels great, especially when you see thousands of people singing with you almost every day. Show.

Andre: And life is very easy for us, riding the play list of more than half of Show (laughs). For us it is very fun to play and sing those songs. It is a very special moment in shows.

What can you tell me about She withers the flowers?

Jorge: produced it Jona Camacho, who is a great guy. And it’s a song its central sound is the Venezuelan cuatro, because Chacín is Venezuelan, then he put that riff, let’s say like this, like a guitar, but in reality it’s a cuatro, and it is embedded in a very interesting urban and modern sound. It has some folklore, some jukebox.

Could we say that Bacillus used to sing more about falling in love and now he talks more about heartbreak?

Jorge: There’s something to that…

What did you want to convey with your music video?

Jorge: We developed the idea with Mabel Moreno (actress who appears in the video clip). We thought of different ideas, different possibilities came up and then we spoke with Christian Schmid, who had already directed Knock on wood and that we really liked how it turned out. So, we wanted to evoke that time vintage of the singing trios and having this beautiful and ‘tangled’ woman. Mabel is a great actress and she gave a lot of weight to the character so that it was not something flat but there was an interpretation.

What new artists do you listen to?

Jorge: Harry Styles.

Andre: Doja Cat… My daughter rules the radio (laughs).

What keeps you in the music industry?

Jorge: It’s that who is going to pay us what our public gives us (laughs) in no small job! This is what we know how to do. And when you stand on a stage and start singing your songs and there are thousands of kids, in their 20s and 30s, singing with you, how are you going to let that happen? That energy, that adrenaline that you feel, is addictive.