Epa Colombia blamed the former friend who “sold” her new and best friends – New Woman

After several weeks enduring the shots of the Colombian Barbie, who supposedly became one of her best friends, Epa Colombia responded with a hint on her social networks.

Let us remember that Tatiana Murillo, who calls herself the Colombian Barbie, He announced a few weeks ago that he would dedicate himself to sinking the businesswoman, since he knew many personal details about her. His anger was born after the keratin seller showed him that Karol Samantha is his new girlfriend.

Murillo did not like at all that Epa got involved in that relationship and stated that she no longer wanted to work, but just walk around and support her daughter and mother. The transgender woman was very upset and now she only has time to scold the keratin seller.

The pulla of Epa Colombia to the Colombian Barbie

From her new home, Daneidy Barrera offered a question and answer session with her followers. He talked about his relationship with Karol Samantha, who were not yet ready to live together, also about La Liendra and finally about some new friends he has made.

“Are you happy in your new house?”was the question they asked Epa Colombia before throwing the taunt at Tatiana Murillo.

“Super happy love, because about 3 months ago I met a little friend who introduced me to Coral, my best friend, and it turned out super well. Not like others who have ended up speaking ill of me, stealing from me and publishing my life, no. She has done very well for me”expressed the young woman openly.

From the comment thread, some users commented on his words and everyone was sure that it was a direct taunt for the Colombian Barbie. While some applauded his response, others warned him: “Don’t call on the devil.”

The reality is that Tatiana Murillo has revealed more details than expected: she even released an audio where Epa Colombiana confided that she had injected biopolymers.

Epa Colombia

This is how the Colombian Barbie revealed the surgery of Epa Colombia

And he had already warned her: “Don’t even trust me because I’ll betray you at any moment.”

Through her Instagram stories, a user asked the transgender woman to confirm whether Epa Colombia had biopolymers or not, so instead of answering she decided to broadcast an audio of the businesswoman herself.

As is understood, the influencer had entrusted this information to the Colombian Barbie, but she is now involved in ending it. And all part of the anger that she feels because her ex-friend was paired with Karol Samantha, because a few days ago she was furious about this relationship.

The audio of Epa Colombia that played the Colombian Barbie

“Although I wanted to tell you that I also have biopolymers, so it’s time to remove them, remove them so I can insert the implants. How much would he charge, and if half and half, half money and half advertising, ”said the content creator in the broadcast audio.

At the end of the recording, the Colombian Barbie releases: “You believe everything, right?”

Let us remember that Epa Colombia certainly has cosmetic surgeries, but it was never known until now that biopolymers had also been injected. In addition, paying for operations with “half money and half advertising” is a payment method that the businesswoman always chooses.