‘Epa Colombia’ gave away snacks to Bogotá street dwellers

But in this new opportunity, the entrepreneur of the keratins ‘eps colombia decided to bring food to people who for different reasonsincluding drug use, ended up living on the streets of the capital, in precarious conditions.

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Daneidy Barreras (‘Epa Colombia’) toured the streets of downtown looking for homeless people who would like a plate of food, after this a long queue was formed. He personally delivered a sandwich and a juice to all of them, in addition to which he spoke with them and it brought them many smiles.

In this clip you can see the businesswoman and ‘influencer’ who shares with various people with limited resources. Even, It reveals a very kind and humble attitude.

For their part, the beneficiariesThey also thanked him for the collaboration and the gesture he had with them.

Also in the clip you can see that it was she herself who made the snacks and took them to the designated area. After delivering the food to the people in the long line, she mobilized in her vehicle in search of more people who needed this help.

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Also, Barrera took the opportunity to send a message to life and to new opportunities.

It should be remembered that in October of last year, He also carried out a similar activity in Bogotá where he delivered tamales and juices.

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The street residents also expressed their gratitude to her: “thank you ‘Epa Colombia’ for what you give us“said a woman living on the street. Here, see the video of the ‘influencer’.