Epa Colombia launched a pulla at Liendra and reveals if he wants to have children with his current girlfriend

The keratin businesswoman, Daneidy Barrera, spoke on her social networks about various processes that she is currently experiencing in her life. That includes her moving into her fancy penthouse, her future with her current girlfriend, and she even mentioned the prank La Liendra played on her.

It should be noted that in recent months Epa Colombia has been quite criticized for the controversies that arose around his breakup with his ex-girlfriend, soccer player Diana Celis. Especially when he announced that he had started a new relationship shortly after having finished with Celis.

Despite the criticism, the businesswoman has shown that she is in a good moment in her life, as she pointed out that they are no longer attacking her partner and that she is leaving her past behind. In an Instagram question box, Epa revealed some details of her life as a couple.

He pointed out that they are not living together, because he believes that it is too soon for that, since he hopes to reach a year to make that decision. In addition, he told how he met her and stated that the two had a fairly long history.

I met her at school, we were best friends, there was always something between us, but she didn’t say anything and neither did I. Plus I was super rude, I loved their eyes, but later I tell them the gossip well”, Epa said.

Among other questions, Epa was also asked if she wanted to have children with her partner, to which she answered yes. That she did see herself with children running around the Penthouse.

Finally, the businesswoman spoke about the joke of La Liendra, who imitated her on social networks. “Regardless of the fact that Liendra has it small, I loved her because she imitated me well. Liendra gives it, I like Liendra, only he is one of those men who talks so much and at tea time…. hahahaha”, said.

The imprudence of Epa Colombia when showing its Penthouse:

Epa Colombia returned to show details of his home, although this time he went overboard.

Specifically, on Friday, April 29, the property, located in the west of Bogotá, was thoroughly known, and the comments of congratulations and recognition were immediate.

Although it was supposed to be an ordinary day, without comments against the influencer and businesswoman, an embarrassing event aroused the courage and modesty of many of her followers. It certainly put her back in the crosshairs of those who constantly criticize her.

This was done by means of a presentation video that at first seemed very cordial and normal, showing his apartment with the decoration saying: “Friend, how did you like my wonderful penthouse, love. You see? When you do well, love goes wellfrom having nothing to having everything, that depends on you and how you act in your life”, says the businesswoman, lying on a sofa in her living room.

Among so many luxuries, Epa continues to walk through her room, exits and arrives at the “guest bathroom”, which for most people is an intimate and personal area.

Now, his gestures say it all. This is when such an emotional tour gets to the ugly part of it. In the foreground she comes out sitting on the toilet, as if he was really having a bowel movement; their faces and the sounds they make while talking made for quite an unpleasant moment.

In this pose the influencer says: “Friend, but this bathroom does give it; this is like the one… when someone comes to visit me, but I’ve already used it for the first time”, indicates Epa, with a happy face and forcing her breath as if she were straining.

“Friend, I’m like loose,” adds the businesswoman, holding a sigh.

Then she combs her hair (still sitting on the toilet) and says: “Friend, from the tiles to a mansion. No, I saved every day, I really like saving, I’m not a drinker or anything like that”.

The influencer realizes that it is recorded and simply laughs at herself and apologizes to the followers and viewers of such an explicit video.