Epa Colombia responds to criticism for its queranita; he says they don’t know how to drive it

In the last days of 2022, the good works of ‘Epa Colombia’ have been seen, both with the employees and collaborators of its keratin company, as with people in a condition of indigence and who are in need. But in his social networks it has been seen that she also continues to be the protagonist of controversies and comments that they do not like.

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On this occasion it seems that on account of criticisms and claims to your company, the young woman uploaded a series of stories in which she responds vehemently and without filters. At first, it seems that she is targeting the people who distribute and sell her products, to later point out the people who use her products and are not happy.

‘Hey Colombia’ Respond to critics of your company and products

Before the farewell party for the year that ‘Epa’ organized for employees and collaborators, she paraphrased with a message that supposedly came to her as a claim: “Oh, ‘Hey’, the gift you gave me hasn’t arrived, I’m going to ‘ticket’ you….

Here the video of ‘Epa Colombia’:

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She then let out everything she had to respond, leaving doubts as to whether the message was from an ordinary customer or someone who sells her products:

“Friend, you are so big and in those nonsense. Do you think I would stay with something?

Do you know how well it works for me? Do you know everything I have achieved and how grateful I am to you and my work team, for me to keep something for myself?

Do you think that I am those mariÇ[email protected] who keep their gifts and do not deliver them and appear on social networks?

Do you think I’m here for a work of art? Do you think that everything I have is ‘fallen from heaven’? (Laughter)…”

According to the same businesswoman, the promised gift would reach that person soon and thus she would put aside the attacks and criticisms that bothered her.

And then came a new story, in which ‘Epa Colombia’ highlighted that someone praised their product, but He ended by pointing to those complaining of alleged damage to the hair, scalp, and other effects that have been known in the past. But the response was to those who allegedly misuse their products, who would be responsible for the adverse effects:

“Some, that the hair was left ‘super chimba’. To others, that they were damaged.

Why, if it is the same product? It is that they do not know how to handle the product, because 50% I put it and the other 50% you put it… “

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According to the businesswoman, the idea is that they go to their hairdressers and premises so that the treatment is what she recommends and there are no problems: “That’s why I always tell you, look for professional and apt people in the keratin application. That’s why I recommend my hairdressers and my distributors. If it’s the same product, why does it have to damage your hair?”.