‘Epa Colombia’ revealed the number of surgeries that have been performed

Daneidy Barrera, known in the world of social networks as “Epa Colombia”, has not denied having gone through the operating room repeatedly.

Since she rose to fame in 2015, when the Copa América was being played, by going viral on social networks with a video in which she came out wearing the Colombia National Team shirt singing “Eh, eh, Epa Colombia”, the influencer has had a remarkable physical change thanks to the cosmetic surgeries that have been performed.

The same ‘Epa Colombia’ openly states that the way she looks now is a new version of her, as she looks very different from how she was before she was successful in social networks.

“If you put a before and after of me, you see that I am not even half the woman I am today,” the controversial content creator recently said.

As a result of the multiple interventions that have been carried out, ‘Epa Colombia’ decided to recommend the aesthetic center in which he has been carrying out his “transformation” process and mentioned what surgeries he has undergone in that place so far.

There are at least five interventions that ‘Epa Colombia’ has had with its head surgeon. “I have radiesse, botox, sculptra (in the buttocks), tensor threads, rather, what I don’t have… I have done even my lips”, he pointed out.

All these interventions, he assures, transformed his face and his body.

To all these procedures mentioned by ‘Epa Colombia’ are added others that the influencer revealed in the past. These are, according to the content creator herself, a rhinomodelling, “the bichetomy, the lipopapada, the mentoplasty, the breasts, the abdomen and a plasma gel on the tail”.

In that sense, he has stated that he has had several cosmetic surgeries because, thanks to the financial solvency that the income from his work gives him, he wants to look better. “I liked investing in myself, that’s what you work for, right?” Said the influencer who has more than five million followers on Instagram months ago.

The cosmetic surgeries revealed by “Epa Colombia” unleashed a wave of comments on social networks. Some netizens mentioned that, although she has done well in the aesthetic center where she had surgery, she should not recommend it because, supposedly, other people have alleged that they received poor service. “Isn’t that the aesthetic center that is deforming mouths because of what they inject?”, pointed out one of the users.