Epa Colombia showed the results of the aesthetic procedures her mother underwent

Daneidy Barrera Rojas, better known as Epa Colombia, is one of the most popular women in Colombian entertainment. After becoming famous for a video where she sang “eh, eh, epa Colombia”, cheering for the national soccer team – and for which she received her nickname – from her, the young woman she experienced a momentous change in life her.

From success on social networks to criminal proceedings against it, Epa Colombia has lived through turbulent years. However, things have turned out in her favor and today she enjoys remarkable economic stability thanks to her activity as a businesswoman and influencer.

For this reason, it is common for Epa Colombia to share with its millions of followers on social networks all the achievements it has achieved, as well as the luxuries it has been able to afford during this time and that it shares with its family.

In fact, through one of his Instagram accounts, The businesswoman published a photograph of her mother, Martha Rojas, who underwent some aesthetic procedures to retouch your image. “Mom is 50. You look 30, mommy. Thanks for your support. I want to give you everything, you deserve it,” says the text that accompanies the publication.

Immediately, Epa Colombia published a series of videos on her Instagram stories revealing some details of her relationship with her mother and highlighting the achievements that the woman has recently achieved.

My mom, friends, is looking super cute. My mom is already studying, my mom has trained a lot. My mom is already learning to drive, my mom is the best mom in the world and I want to give her everything,” said Epa Colombia.

Subsequently, the businesswoman and influencers shared a reflection on mothers: “I fight with my mom and I think you fight with your mom too, but I think that mom always wants the best for you. I feel proud, my mom is super cute. That woman gives it a lot”.

Epa Colombia burned down in Cartagena; his tanning attempt went horribly wrong

A few days ago, Epa Colombia shared on his social networks that he was enjoying a beach vacation with his girlfriend Karol Samantha, after it was rumored that their relationship had come to an end. However, she herself wanted to dispel her comments by sharing a video of her on her Instagram stories where she appears with her partner.

People are saying we’re done”, were some of the words that the content creator could be heard, as she approached her partner so that she could confirm to the followers that they were obviously still together. “That’s what a lot of people want,” Samantha said.

By the way, Epa Colombia took the opportunity to highlight that their courtship has already lasted for close to a year, so their critics can rest easy: love has been treating her well.

The truth is that, for now, the businesswoman and influencers He is living the honeys of love with his partner. However, not everything was rosy during the trip. The Bogota woman apparently overlooked the fact that she should use sunscreen to protect her skin.

The risk is even greater considering that Epa Colombia comes from the interior of the country, so its skin is not used to the sun’s rays that overwhelm the beaches. For this reason, the use of sunscreen is essential to avoid possible sunstroke.

But this was just what happened to the content creator, well she got so much sun that her skin burned and then she was in a bit of a hurry because they couldn’t get their hands on her without burning her back.