‘Epa Colombia’ would have burned her face with aesthetic treatment

The year 2023 had not had many public appearances by ‘Epa Colombia’, its good deeds have been seen in women’s prisons and the promotions it has in its product and hair care businesses. But starting February, with some striking publications, the businesswoman and ‘influencer’ was once again the subject of networks for another of his physical changes.

On the morning of Wednesday, February 1, confessing that she felt very strange and that she had had negative thoughts, the Bogota woman let off steam and caught the attention of her followers and many media outlets. But in the afternoon of that same day, he re-uploaded some posts and gave many questions about a special treatment on his face.

‘Hey Colombia’ showed the painful treatment to remove freckles

Around noon, after the aforementioned relief and having promoted their products and hairdressers, ‘Epa’ anticipated that a facial treatment was going to be carried out. But she didn’t present it as something nice:

“Later I’ll show you my face, stay tuned, I’m going to show you how my face looks. I’m going to burn it.

I’m going to do a ‘Morpheus’, it’s a peeling”

According to what he said, the first treatment he counted is to have firmer and more vital skin, while the second is to cleanse, correct imperfections and spots. But, according to Daneidy Barrera Rojas (real name of the ‘influencer’) herself, she does this to remove the freckles that she doesn’t like and she wrote it like this in one of her publications:

“It’s anesthesia, friends, to begin with, what a pain.

It’s just, I don’t know why I don’t like freckles

Obviously, my girlfriend loves me like this, but I don’t like them.”

The first video showed that they were injecting anesthesia into her cheeks and the keratin businesswoman was in pain and did not hide her discomfort. However, when this medicine was expected to take effect, it did not help much because more pain reactions were seen afterwards.

In addition, the explanation given by ‘Epa’ suggests that he has not been enduring these procedures for a long time, looking to see himself as he wants: “I have been treating my skin for 2 years and I have seen the change. Because, it not only removes my freckles, it helps me refine my skin so that I look super beautiful when I put on my makeup”.

And the most impressive moment was seen when they began to “burn” her face and “Epa Colombia”, despite the anesthesia they applied to her, reacted with a lot of pain. Not only the gestures on his face, but also the way he squeezes his clothes with his hands.He reflected that what was happening on that stretcher was not comfortable at all.

In the end, to confirm that the term ‘burn’ was real, the young woman showed the result and her very red face with wounds, a product of the treatment. It will probably take a few days in being shown to the public again, when it is already recovered and normally.