Epic donates all proceeds to Ukraine Aid

Updated on 03/21/2022 at 2:27 p.m

  • “Fortnite Chapter 3” starts a new season with a radical change and Marvel superhero Doctor Strange.
  • There are new landmarks, vehicles and weapons and a fresh Battlepass – but no more building options!
  • Epic will also donate all proceeds from “Fortnite” in the coming weeks to help Ukraine.

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The second season of the third chapter of the long-running online game “Fortnite” is here – and it starts with a big bang. “Resistance,” as it’s titled, sees the Imagined Order return to Artemis and face off against the Seven — with tanks, blimps, and giant drills. The residents of the island counter this with their upgraded battle buses, like the trailers displays.

The second season brings more than just new vehicles, weapons, landmarks and a new Battle Pass: As usual, cult figures from other media are also represented – this time including the Marvel superhero Doctor Strange, who starts a new cinematic adventure on May 6th. The squad is completed by Tsuki 2.0, Gunnar, The Imagined, Kiara KO, The Origin, Erisa and the Marvel villain Prowler, who is only available for selection later in the season.

Something is missing!

What is striking at first glance and has much more serious consequences is the lack of the build option – one of the most important elements of the game mechanics to date! However, this has to do with the story, among other things, and is attributed to the Imagined Order – revealing more would be a spoiler.

In return, there are expanded gameplay mechanisms such as a tactical sprint that is carried out in batches, a new climbing mechanism that allows you to climb onto an existing building roof, and overshields that can take a few hits before it is at the expense of the normal shield and of health.

How long these changes will remain in place is unclear. Dataminers want to have found out that from March 29th everything will be back to normal and construction can start again.

Meanwhile, in the social media and in forums, the changes are both cheered and lamented: Some gamers certify “Fortnite” the “best condition it has ever had” due to the construction stop and hope that the no-build will at least be received in a separate mode remains. Others consider Epic “crazy” because building made “Fortnite” great and also unique to competitors. Without that option, it’s just “a boring cartoon shooter.”

New points on the map and dynamic borders

The map also got an update: It is now divided into dynamic territories of IO and Seven. In the course of the season, the territory lines should shift significantly. In addition, the NPCs are scattered in new locations on the island. There is also a comeback of old and new exotic and bizarre weapons in “Season 2”. For example, early Battle Pass rewards include the Omni Sword – a very special version of the pickaxe that gamers can customize to their liking.

Epic as a Ukraine volunteer

Epic Games itself also surprises with an announcement that goes far beyond the virtual world of the “Fortnite” island: the publisher wants to donate all income from the game that is generated through real money transactions in the next two weeks to aid organizations that working for Ukraine – including the Children’s Fund, the World Food Program and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNICEF, UNWFP and UNHCR) as well as “Direct Relief”, a non-profit organization that supplies medicines to crisis areas. The campaign runs until April 3rd.

Microsoft has joined the idea and also promises to donate the net proceeds from “Fortnite” by Xbox players. Since “Fortnite” attracts around 350 million players worldwide, insiders estimate that donations of around 200 million dollars could be raised.

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