Eric Zemmour frustrated: his gesture of humor towards a BFMTV journalist

The defeat has a bitter taste for Éric Zemmour. While a journalist from BFM TV wanted to hear his reaction, after the results of the first round of the presidential election this Sunday, April 10, the candidate refused to answer his questions by violently pushing back his microphone.

Would Eric Zemmour be a sore loser ? When he wanted to go to The reconquest of the French, by formalizing his candidacy, the former journalist ultimately did not succeed in his bet. During the first round of the presidential election, this Sunday, April 10, only 7% of French people have placed their trust in him. A fourth position very far behind its main competitor Marine Le Pen, credited with 23.6% of the votes which deeply affected the politician. After thanking his activists present throughout his election campaign, Éric Zemmour took advantage of a last walkabout within the confines of the Maison de la Mutualité. From then on, some journalists tried to approach Sarah Knafo’s companion to get his reaction. While a journalist from BFM TV handed him his microphone, Éric Zemmour violently repelled the latter. A strong gesture which translated the will of the former polemicist not to answer any questions from the continuous news channel.

A shocking image that Léopold Audebert wanted to share on his Twitter account. “After his defeat, particularly affected, Éric Zemmour pushes back our microphone, and refuses to answer our questions, wrote in legend the political journalist of BFMTV. A gesture that sparked a strong reaction from users of the famous social network. “Sore loser”, “Bad loser!! bye bye. we won’t miss him!!”, “It’s just pathetic”, can we read in the comments. Whether through his proposals and his attitude, Éric Zemmour will have indeed marked this presidential 2022.

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Éric Zemmour will vote for Marine Le Pen in the second round

Éric Zemmour seems ready to bury the hatchet with Marine Le Pen. Although he made no gift to the Rassemblement National candidate during this presidential campaign, the former journalist says he is ready to give him his vote in the second round. “I cannot stand idly by in the face of the evils that threaten our country. I have many disagreements with Marine Le PenI approached them during this campaign, but facing her is a man who brought in two million immigrants, who did not say a word about identity, security and immigration during the campaign, and who will do worse if he is re-elected.” Therefore, the former columnist of Laurent Ruquier confirms his positions. “I won’t get the wrong opponent. That’s why I call on my voters to vote for Marine Le Penhe hammered this Sunday evening.

Photo credits: Aurélien Morissard/Panoramic/Bestimage