Éric Zemmour tackled: Anne Sinclair denounces her “false and revisionist theses”

In the documentary adapted from his book The Roundup of Notablesbroadcast in the second part on France 2 this Wednesday, March 23, Anne Sinclair recounts the tragedy of the French Jewish deportees. In the columns of Le Figaro, the journalist denounced the controversial remarks made by Éric Zemmour on the actions carried out by the Vichy regime.

As the first round of the 2022 presidential election approaches, Anne Sinclair knows thatshe will not slip the name of Éric Zemmour into the ballot box. And for good reason. In some of his speeches, the candidate of the Reconquête party has never hidden his desire to rehabilitate the Vichy regime and this despite Marshal Pétain’s attitude towards the Jews of France. Words that the 73-year-old journalist, granddaughter of a Jewish deportee, cannot then guarantee. In the documentary inspired by his book The Roundup of Notablesbroadcast this Wednesday, March 23 on France 2, Anne Sinclair wished restore the truth about all the French Jews arrested during the Second World War. A way for the ex-wife of Dominique Strauss-Kahn to thwart the words of the polemicist, as she confides in the columns of Figaro. “French Jews were never protected by the Vichy regime unlike the false and revisionary theses of Éric Zemmourshe assures.

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Last September, the companion of Sarah Knafo held polemical remarks on the actions carried out by the Vichy regime. “Vichy protected French Jews and gave away foreign Jews. It’s easy to say, fifty years later, that France is guilty”he said on the airwaves ofEuropean 1. And then ensure: “France is not guilty, it is Germany that is guilty”. Like Anne Sinclair, many political figures could not tolerate such a declaration. If for Bruno Le Maire, the former journalist of Figaro exceeded “a red line”Valérie Pécresse denounced the remarks “abject” of the last.

Éric Zemmour treated as “Jew of service for anti-Semites” by Yannick Jadot

The opinion of the candidate on the Vichy regime continues to spill ink. Guest, on February 13 on the airwaves of Radio J, Yannick Jadot had compared Éric Zemmour to Jean-Marie Le Penstating that “The most perverse difference is that Zemmour is Jewish. It means that in fact, il does the jew of service for the anti-semites.

After creating a real outcry, the father of the family admitted a “expression not necessarily happy” in an interview with nice morning. “But I consider that there is a somewhat morbid form of excitement around Zemmour which masks the reality of his words.” For the environmentalist, when Marine Le Pen’s main rival “accuse Dreyfus”or “Innocent Pétain and Papon”, “it serves as a guarantee for a form of far-right anti-Semitism”. For the companion of the journalist Isabelle Saporta, Eric Zemmour “carries impulses of hatred” and manipulate “anxieties” French people who feel feelings “of injustice and anger”.

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