Erick Osores confesses that he was in love with Verónica Linares: “I saw her as a seasoned journalist” Farándula NNDC | SHOWS

Sports journalist Erick Elera surprised Veronica Linares when he confessed that he was in love with her. “I remember you, the image I have of you… I did like you, I’m going to say it publicly, it’s true”, Osores said in the 14th episode of the YouTube channel of “Veronica Linares: The Linares”.

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This confession caused Federico Salazar’s partner to start laughing out loud. Even Erick was encouraged to describe what it was like the first time he saw the journalist.

“You came from channel 7. I practically started doing television on channel A and you came all disheveled, she was a ‘warrior’, reconciled. I remember that you came from chambear, to make a commission with your microphone, your little notebook, and you had a brown shirt, I remember”, he remembered.

Veronica had no qualms about asking him if at any time he tried to “throw lyrics at him”, to which the journalist replied: “No, nothing. Relax”. However, Erick Osores did recognize that he was a fan of Veronica. “Of course (he was his fan), I remember that your hair fell on your face, you blew and it went back. The image I have of you is of a seasoned journalist, chorada “, he added.

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The journalist from “First Edition” felt identified with Osores’s description and assured that until now she considers herself “achorada”. “Until now I’m like that, what happens is that people don’t know me very well. On TV you have to keep certain formalities despite how informal we can be, you have to look for certain limits ”, commented.



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