Erika Buenfil confesses her way of taking revenge | Famous

Erika Buenfil made it clear that when she’s very mad “does not measure” the consequences of their actionsThis is how she shared it with an anecdote on the “Netas Divinas” program, where she was a guest and they touched on the theme of revenge.

The actress confessed that many years ago she took revenge on someone by smashing all four car tires with a screwdriver. The story arose because Natalia Téllez confessed that she scratched an ex-boyfriend’s car because she was very upset.

“I flat tires, so don’t feel bad”said Erika Buenfil without hesitation. “I knew where she was, I was in a friend’s car so they wouldn’t recognize my car and then I go half a block there with the screwdriver,” she recalled.

The actress did not hesitate to tell her story, because she knows that the alleged offense prescribed: “But it’s over, it no longer applies, crime no longer happens. And there I go, that’s his car, (he makes signs to bury the tool in the tires), four o’clock and ‘paint yourself in colors’ (run away), so that when it starts, what a shame! “.

The protagonist of True Loves explained that she had “help”.

Erika Buenfil does not measure the consequences when she is angry

However, she admits that when she is angry she does not reason her actions: “When you are angry you do not measure, I have realized that angry I do some things that oh fear!“.

Many years after his “prank”, he is now aware that he was getting into a big problem, even something legal: “The one I saved myself from,” he said with a laugh.