Érika Zapata spoke about the time she was a trend in networks

Érika Zapata is one of the reporters for Snail News that generates the most comments on social networks, some congratulatory and others mocking, for his particular way of reporting news, to which he prints paisa sayings, words and expressions.

Talking about the 27-year-old communicator is telling the story of a young woman who, through effort and courage, managed to get ahead. When she finished her social communication studies and after finishing her professional internship, she was left without a job. She says that everyone rejected her because of her way of speaking; she didn’t know what to do, or where to work.

Zapata managed to find a place to develop professionally and has already spent three years at Snail Television. It was there that one of his notes went viral on social networks, because in the video he narrated the story of a man on skates who talked on his cell phone while he was stuck on a bus. of public transport in the Santo Domingo neighborhood of Medellín.

Given her particular way of presenting and the sayings she used in the note, many Internet users did not hesitate to congratulate her on her originality, although others did not agree and assured that “Her reports seem to have been intended to ridicule the profession In my opinion, the complete report is disastrous, one is left thinking about the way in which it was presented and not about the news that he wanted to give”.

In any case, more people follow Érika and motivate her to continue telling the news in this way than people who criticize her and, for this reason, in an interview with the portal kienyke He detailed what he felt when he realized that he was a trend on social networks after his note aired.

“When the next day I get up and that cell phone rings and rings and I ‘no, well I’m going to see what’s on Twitter.’ When I hit the chulito where the notifications arrive, there was a debate and I was a trend,” said the journalist, who is currently the Antioquia correspondent.

And then she added that some comments referred to how she was dressed and that she was horrible and others that defended her, “that was a horrible debate and I ‘hijuepucha they are going to throw me out of Caracol’.”

Regarding her way of transmitting the news, Érika Zapata said that she knows how people from the countryside, communes and low-income people would like to be told things, “Then I transfer all the technical language to the people so that they understand it with their common words. I translate them in the news, obviously being very prudent, ”he indicated in the conversation.

Photo | Érika Zapata confirmed her absence in Noticias Caracol; she thanked viewers

The reporter interacted a bit with all her followers and confirmed that she will not be on the news for a few days, so they will not see her for a while.

Through her personal Twitter account, the communicator stated that she went on vacation after covering everything related to the Christmas celebration in the capital of Antioquia. Likewise, she took advantage of the moment to thank all the viewers for all the support they constantly show her.

“With this photo, I wish you a happy year. I am going on vacation, but I will return loaded with good stories, energy and knowledge. God bless you. Thanks for believing in me”, Zapata pointed out.

The renowned journalist finally stressed in the publication that the idea is to return recharged next year to continue telling them the most important stories of Medellín and its surroundings.

“Thank you journalist Erika Zapata for existing”; “The news snake, informs so that any Colombian understands. Very good”, “Those who are uncomfortable with his way of presenting, are the same ones who believe they are from a better stratum”, were some of the comments he received.