ESC star Nicole: After a cancer diagnosis comes the next bad news

ESC star Nicole: After a cancer diagnosis, the next bad news is coming

05/13/2022 at 10:17 p.m

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It came as a shock to her followers when ESCwinner Nicole made her breast cancer diagnosis public. The singer, who helped Germany to victory in 1982 with “A Little Peace”, was ill in 2020 and had fought against it with chemotherapy and radiation away from the public.

Hardly is the news about the ESCstar, Nicole already has the next unpleasant surprise for her fans.

ESC star Nicole surprises her fans with the concert cancellation

While the ESC fans are rooting for the second semi-final on Thursday and then eagerly awaiting the grand finale, singer Nicole now has to make a sad announcement.


This is the ESC jury of 2022 in Germany:

  • Michelle
  • Max Giesinger
  • tokunbo
  • jess beautiful
  • Christian Brost


On Wednesday evening she wrote on Instagram: “Last night I received the news that a band member who was irreplaceable for the concerts was seriously ill with Corona.”

ESC star Nicole reveals: Corona quick test is positive

But that’s not all, when the singer then did a quick test, it was positive. While her concerts announced for Friday and Saturday have already been postponed, she was still hoping for a negative PCR test on Wednesday evening.

“If my PCR test is positive, I’m not allowed to perform in the ‘Fernsehgarten’ on Sunday, which makes me incredibly sad, because I was particularly looking forward to this performance.”


More about the ESC:


A day later, the result is still not clear. Nicole has already announced replacement dates for her postponed concerts in Kusel and Saarlouis. Particularly bitter: The ZDF “TV garden” should be all about the ESC 2022, which takes place on Saturday evening (May 14) – ideal for a performance by a former ESC winner…

Here you can find out the emotional words ESC star Nicole used to make her cancer diagnosis public.