Esmeralda Pimentel overcomes thunder and seeks to be a star in Spain

ended his romance with Osvaldo Benavidezallegedly due to infidelity with Michelle Renaud, Emerald Pimentel he prefers to turn the page and not cling to the past. “From everything that happens to me, even from mistakes, I learn,” the actress tells us via Zoom from Spain. Madrid will shelter her for almost five months to record a new version of Montecristo with William Levy. She hasn’t finished unpacking her suitcase yet; She had barely two days after landing at Barajas Airport, when she granted the interview.

“I haven’t finished settling in,” she confesses while smiling and showing enthusiasm for the new stage, both professional and emotional, that she is beginning. Last week she attended the Platinum Awards gala; she’s single again, she’s open to love, but she’s not desperately looking for it. At 32 years old, she prefers to be surprised.

How much have you fought to defend your place in this career as a Latina, and now in a market like the Spanish? It has been a strong fight; If I look back, it’s been a road of constant stone chipping. This race is also about knowing how to prepare constantly, being faithful to oneself; when the waters want to move you to other places, you have to learn to say “no”, to wait for the right time and, above all, learn that not everything in life is work.

We must be aware that relationships, knowledge, spirituality and the way in which we portray human complexity must be cultivated. As an actress I have to go out, live and inhabit the world, not approach what is different, what hurts me, but what makes me grow in art to be able to extract all that knowledge and impregnate it in the character. I consider myself extremely privileged, I belong to this very small sector of people who are privileged, and I have learned to use that privilege to communicate messages that go through me: talking about stopping violence against women, preaching self-love, learning to respect ourselves… I have been able to take advantage of that.

At this point in your career, are you still breaking stone? All the time; and if not, it is better to move profession, it is important to do it to grow. I don’t like to be there where I feel afraid talking about the professional; I like to feel like I’m a beginner, that I don’t have the tools, that I don’t know anything, no matter how many projects you’ve done. It is important to surround yourself with people who know more than you, who are more talented than you, and approach the unknown to grow, to test yourself, that’s why I really like doing theater, because it challenges me.

Were you afraid to move to Europe and leave a lot of things behind? No, Mexico will always be my home, that’s where my family is, my heart, my friends, where I started my career… What I always feel proud of is saying that I’m Mexican. I love when I go to the United States and people are surprised that I am Mexican. I will be in Spain for four months, it will be an adventure; I’ve barely had a week and I haven’t settled in yet, I still haven’t put down roots, but fortunately I reconnected with a lot of Mexican bands from the industry that are here, that are doing incredible projects and that are living here. They all told me not to worry, that they would reach out to me, and I think that’s the beauty of Latinos and Mexicans, that we always shake hands and support each other.

Did you go alone or is someone with you? I’m alone; I would have loved to bring my dogs, who are the loves of my life, but it was not possible. I’ll be alone here these four months.

Are you open to love or do you want to be single for a while? I am always open to love in all its forms: in friendship, in family, at work, in a relationship… The truth is that I have never looked for love; it comes when it has to come, you don’t have to look for it.

Do you have any ideal partner prototype or do you allow yourself to be surprised? I always allow myself to be surprised, but it must be intelligent and it must make me laugh.

Are you rebuilding your life right now? It is important to learn to circumvent changes and also learn to generate them; I feel like an extremely brave person who looks for changes, who looks for growth; that is exactly what is happening in my life: a growth.

Do you consider yourself emotionally a strong woman? Yes, but I am also a very vulnerable, extremely sensitive person. I have learned that just my sensitivity is my intuition; What I previously considered to be a weakness is now part of my strength. I am a very open-hearted person, I love getting closer to people, getting to know people, I trust a lot and that is why I have had many learnings.