Esmeralda Pimentel, the actress who became famous in Mexican soap operas and who is the daughter of a Dominican from La Vega

Despite being born in the United States, having a Mexican mother – growing up in Mexico – his roots and Dominican “tigueraje”, inherited from his father, sprout from his pores.

Just when I approached, she with authentic genuineness threw a “Machuca” at me, accompanied by that gesture of the hands that automatically “knocked down” the barrier between the journalist and the figure. From that precise moment she paved the way, with great sincerity, to tell her story.

Esmeralda, who made her debut as an actress in 2009, with the telenovela “Verano de amor”, and before that, in 2007, participated in Nuestra Belleza Jalisco (when she worked as a model), was one of the figures invited to Awards Platinum 2022, in Madrid, Spain, the city where he is filming “Montecristo” with William Levy, a story based on the classic by Alejandro Dumas “The Count of Monte Cristo”.

But before that, the film she made with Miguel Ángel Muñoz “In another place” will be released in Spain, and it will be followed by “Where there was fire”, a series in which she assumes the role of a female firefighter and will be on Netflix.

The actress who was the protagonist of the Netflix film “Beauty and the Beasts”, as well as “I order you there”, together with Mauricio Ochmann, surprised us with her knowledge of the Dominican Film Law and is proud of the progress she has made. cinematographic country. And yes, she wants to film in Quisqueya, in her father’s hometown: La Vega.

“I would love to shoot in La Vega, where my parents were born, where my family grew up. Being able to reconnect with my country. I want to know that part that formed the childhood of my father, of my uncles. Nothing would give me more hope than that”, said the also actress of “Abyss of passion”.

Regarding Latin cinema, he highlighted how much those close stories are needed, and that they show the reality of their people. “I think that more and more complex stories are being made, with more diverse ways of rescuing different realities. `Latinidad` is something very complex, it is not just one thing. Each culture, each geographical point, each person lives a different reality and they all deserve to be told. That’s why I want to shoot in La Vega, I feel very proud of my Dominican side and when I see Dominicans, anywhere in the world, it’s like being at home”.

The woman and the cinema

Esmeralda has struggled a lot to jump from telenovela productions to movies, and remembers having left behind a part of herself related to her intuition for the desire to be recognized, but one fine day she decided to make her way into the seventh art and serials. . Seeking stories that were “more like her,” she embarked on a journey that had taken her across the United States and Europe.

In addition, he referred to the female role and pointed out how much economic support is needed to further develop the presence of women. “I see so many women with big projects who don’t have the financial strength to lift them, but I trust that women continue to be more and more respected and taken into account,” she says and confesses that she likes to watch movies and series about strong women, but not insensitive. Of those who go through challenges.

Change of look, why?

When we think of Esmeralda from her first telenovelas, the image of the girl with long, abundant hair comes to mind. But she decided to leave behind the “stereotype in which she was pigeonholed”. “I always struggled to show my abilities, and the opportunities didn’t always come. That’s why I told myself, ‘I’ll cut her hair and leave the standards behind’ ”. A radical change that gave her fruits and that, according to her account, opened up the most significant opportunities of her career.

“Now I’m playing roles that have nothing to do with what I did before and I think we have to dare to make changes and not let ourselves be dragged by the canons that society imposes,” says who also participated in na in the popular series “The good doctor”.

Recently, Pimentel joined the writer Bárbara Arredondo to launch a campaign against the beauty standards imposed by society.

In this context, he testified that due to prejudices about stretch marks he has lost many jobs.

“I decided to show my stretch marks because it was something that they always taught me that it was a source of shame and that it generated me not only a lot of sorrow, power, but also that I lost many jobs”, he confessed and continued to abound that “already in the world to which I belong there is a lot of falsehood and it has contributed a lot to all this mental health damage and all these insecurities of many young people, and I think it is up to me to show reality as well. Leaving my imperfections bare and instead of calling it that, see it as what makes me different and what I should be proud of,” points out the beauty of Dominican origin who is also part of the Caritas Organization that supports children and adults. with chronic-degenerative diseases so that they can carry out their medical treatments.