Estefanía Borge married Jorge Grisales in Cartagena

Estefanía Borge and Jorge Grisales are already husband and wife. The couple, who were separated for almost four years, finally united their lives in a romantic ceremony which was held by the sea in Cartagena on May 13.

The radiant bride arrived at the altar, where the excited groom was waiting for her, hand in hand with her mother. The actress wore a beautiful dress with a somewhat elven style dark beige.

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The wedding was attended by 100 people including family and friends closest to the couple.

Prior to the ceremony, Estefanía Borge told Aló magazine in an interview that she chose this date to get married. because May is the month in which he has his birthday, and the 13th is the Day of the Virgin Mary.

“My wedding is one that longs to exalt the flavor of our country. I will take advantage of each of the blessings that our land gives us, ”said the former ‘Masterchef’ participant. As for the food, the guests enjoyed simple dishes with “cassava, arepa, meat, chicken, rice dishes, carimañolas, sancocho, in short, a festival of flavor.”

Estefanía Borge and Jorge Grisales were separated for several years

The now-husbands went through difficult times in the past. When they were believed to be one of the most stable couples in entertainment, They surprised many by announcing that they were separating. This was in 2018.

According to Cartagena, the breakup occurred after fighting for a long time to save the relationship. “We were in completely different worlds and there was no affinity in our beings,” she explained.

He also said, “I opened my heart, I was faithful to him and I made the biggest decision of my life. I felt that there was not going to be a clear decision on his part, so I steeled myself and it was I who took charge of the matter”.

But A year and a half ago the couple met again and decided to give themselves a second chance.