Estefania Wollny gives the first audio sample

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Estefania Wollny gives the first audio sample
Estefania Wollny gives insights into one of her new songs © Screenshot/Instagram/estefaniawollny21

Estefania Wollny takes off in the music business. On Instagram she gives the first insights into her new album. Your new song could develop into a real catchy tune.

Ratheim – While many family members of the Wollnys (all information about the Wollny extended family) are currently emigrating to Turkey, Estefania Wollny would like to stay in Germany for the time being. The reason: The music career of the 20-year-old. Because after participating in the DSDS casting show, Silvia Wollny’s daughter keeps releasing new music. She shared a preview of her new album on Instagram.

Estefania Wollny continues to work on her music career

The Wollnys are not only successful with their own docu-soap “The Wollnys – A Terribly Big Family”, but have also built up a large community on Instagram. But Estefania does not want to rest on her laurels and is also starting out in the music business.

Estefania Wollny’s fans don’t seem to have to wait much longer to enjoy new music. The 20-year-old is currently busy in the recording studio recording songs for her new album. In her Instagram story from May 11th she gives her followers an insight into one of her new songs for the first time and that seems to be a real catchy tune.

“Foretaste of the album”: Estefania Wollny gives the first audio sample

Estefania Wollny is sitting in the car while her new song is playing. “I want to win and lose – the main thing is with you. Because hey, it’s okay, it’s awesome that you always stand with me and also fall with me,” sounds from the speakers. “Little foretaste of the album. You can’t imagine how happy I am,” she comments on the short clip. So far, Estefania has left it open when exactly the song will be released.

However, Estefania recently did not inspire the network with a song, but with a very special photo. Mama Silvia Wollny shared a picture with her on Instagram – “How badly your girls have developed”, according to the followers. Sources used: