Ester Expósito shows off a belt with a silver suit, ideal for autumn

Ester Expósito boasts waistband with silver suit, color ideal to wear in autumn. The actress from Madrid is a worldwide fashion and glamor benchmark, for that reason she is usually invited to different catwalks where she wears daring outfits, which immediately become a trend.

Without fear of success and knowing the great body he has, Esther Exposito drew attention to the fashion week that took place in Milan, Italy, an event where the most prestigious designers and clothing firms in the world of fashion congregate.

One of the great guests at this event was the interpreter of “Elite”where he wore garments from the Italian firm “Diesel”, which will set trends in the coming months.

To the motomi styleclothing that the famous singer Rosaría made a trend, the actress of “Someone has to die” was dressed in a two-piece set, which highlighted her tiny waist, while parading brilliantly with a satin silver outfit.

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Ester Expósito showed off her aesthetic figure with a plastic look pants which caused a rough effect on the fabric and, as incredible as it sounds, it gave it an original and attractive touch. The outfit included a short jacket of the same material, which made her look modern.

East outfits accompanied it with boots that reached below the knees and having a stiletto heel gave it a more feminine appearance, without losing the new street style. With this model, the actress 22 years made it clear that low-waist pants are back. In addition, she added a satin green handbag, which undoubtedly combined perfectly.

But that was not all, the artist stood out for wearing a original hairstyle with pigtails on both sides made up of small braids; As for makeup, she used a pink eyeliner, very much in the style of the series “Euphoria”, starring the artist Zendaya.

With this outfit the artist welcomes the fall since the silver color will be in fashion this season, it will even continue to be trend in 2023. So if you want to be at the cutting edge of fashion, don’t forget to include silver satin garments in your wardrobe.

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