‘Estiwar G’ quoted a phrase from María Fernanda Cabal in full discussion

This Friday, May 13, in ‘Masterchef Celebrity’, the first test was carried out after the departure of the actress Cristina Campuzano. In addition, there was the return of the presenter Claudia Bahamón, who regretted not having been at the farewell of the recently eliminated.

“I do regret not having been at Cristina’s farewell, but the competition continues,” Bahamón assured, moments before clarifying to the contestants that the challenge had a mysterious box that did not grant an immunity pin or advantages.

Picking up the boxes celebrities met various sweet surprises, with whom they would have to prepare a dessert that would remind them of typical childhood flavors.

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In the middle of the test, the celebrities did their best to bring to the preparation some of the anecdotes lived when they were children. However, some agreed without thinking and this caused one or another clash.

In fact, Carlos Báez and ‘Chicho’ Arias were making a very similar dish, so ‘Estiwar G’ decided to intervene.

“Partner, everyone looking back to copy the recipe, what’s up, little man,” he said.

Carlos replied: “Oh, but then. When is he going to open a five star restaurant then”. However, ‘Estiwar’ continued to show his annoyance. “They can’t see a creative nero because they already want to get rid of the same thing, partner.”

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Báez turned around and claimed him in a humorous tone: “You are like the ones at school who didn’t allow copying. Where are those manes, on the same side as us, ”he told her. Nevertheless, The content creator did not agree and brought up a famous phrase by Senator María Fernanda Cabal.

“Get serious. Study, bum”, concluded ‘Estiwar G’.