Ethel Pozo interviews Melissa Paredes after Rodrigo ‘Gato’ Cuba spoke with Magaly Medina Farándula RMMN | PEOPLE

The driver Ethel Well interviewed Melissa Paredes after Magaly Medina announced that she will broadcast an interview with soccer player Rodrigo ‘Gato’ Cuba.

GV Producciones, Gisela Valcárcel’s producer, issued a statement announcing that Pozo a Paredes’ interview will be broadcast on Monday, May 23 on the program “América Hoy”.

Ethel Pozo interviewed Melissa Paredes.  (Photo: GV Productions).
Ethel Pozo interviewed Melissa Paredes. (Photo: GV Productions).

Rodrigo ‘Gato’ Cuba spoke with Magaly Medina

The journalist Magaly Medina presented a preview of the exclusive interview that will be seen next Monday, May 23 with the soccer player, Rodrigo Cuba, who surprised locals and strangers by revealing that his ex-wife, Melissa Paredes, did not even pay the bill his cellphone.

“I was in charge of paying the maid, keeping the house… What she did with her money was spend on her extras because she didn’t even pay for her cell phone. She didn’t pay for her health insurance, she didn’t pay for her car insurance, her car maintenance. And as a result of all this I tell her: ‘she starts paying for all your things, starts paying half for electricity, half for the condominium, you start paying half for things as they should be.’ The first thing I did was cancel the add-on on my credit card.”Rodrigo Cuba pointed out.

To which Magaly Medina pointed out that Melissa Paredes sold the image of a woman who paid for all her things because she was self-sufficient. “The card she used was the ‘Cat’ Cuba card.”

“He said that he paid all the expenses… Where is your great empowerment and that you paid everything? I felt bad because my husband pays for everything. I said empowered, independent. Peruvian men have been educated to be the heads of the family and no matter how much one works, they feel good paying for the expenses of the house, feeling that they are what they provide, if that makes them feel good, I am not opposed “The journalist commented between laughs.


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