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The host of “América Hoy”, Ethel Wellreacted indignantly after the declarations of Roberto ‘Chorri’ Palacioswhere he denies having cheated on his wife days before renewing their wedding vows.

WATCH THIS: ‘Chorri’ Palacios denies ‘ampay’ days before her wedding: “Let this girl retract” (VIDEO)

It should be noted that the footballer has asked that Maribel Meza, a woman with whom he was caught in an alleged ‘ampay’, retract her statements she gave about the meeting they had.

WATCH THIS: Maribel Meza reveals that Chorri Palacios invited her to his wedding with Karla Quintana (VIDEO)

In this regard, Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter was surprised and indicated that the footballer should not hold other people responsible for his mistakes. “’Chorri’, there is no worse blind person than the one who does not want to see, the images speak for themselves. You were dishonest for the umpteenth time to your wife. So, to say that she retracts, no, you have the problem, ”she expressed.

“He is evading responsibility, he is blaming the young lady who appeared with him in the ‘ampay’ and now, not only her, but also the media,” Pozo added.

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Chorri Palacios: the chats that the ex-soccer player had with Maribel Meza before and after marrying Karla Quintana

The ex-soccer player’s infidelity was confirmed by Maribel Meza herself, who had a communication with the program, noting that the images were recorded on January 11 in the Surquillo district and both were intimate in the “player’s” car.

As could be seen in these WhatsApp chats, the former soccer player coordinated with Maribel Meza to have a meeting without his wife finding out.

“My wife can see my fono (phone), so please don’t text me for a while. I want her (Karla Quintana’s) trust,” Palacios told Meza.