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Ethel Well She returns recharged with her colleagues Janet Barboza, Brunella Horna, Edson Dávila and Christian Domínguez, for the premiere of the new season of ‘América Hoy’. This Monday, January 30, the host will return to the small screen with a “strong bomb” that keeps her followers expectant.

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Likewise, the daughter of Gisela Valcárcel indicated that the four years on the air with the television space that she hosts on “América TV” knew how to handle criticism, including from Magaly Medina, who on several occasions has been the target of her comments.

“We move forward, things work. If the work goes unnoticed it is because you are doing something wrong”, Ethel declared in an interview with Expreso.

In addition, Ethel Pozo took the time to answer those who question her, placing Magaly on her list to send her a message before the premiere of “America Today”.

We all live from the audience, you are not going to spend two minutes that do not matter. If they talk it’s because it works and we are the absolute leaders. If Magaly talks about my program it’s because it works for her”, he sentenced.