Eugenie of York secretive: this tattoo revealed

Princess Eugenie may be the highest person in the line of succession to the British throne to have a tattoo. Queen Elizabeth II’s granddaughter was first spotted with this tattoo during mass at St. Paul’s Cathedral on June 3.

Princess Eugenie, who will soon be splitting her time between England and Portugal, has had a tattoo behind her ear and this tattoo was spotted during Queen Elizabeth II’s Jubilee celebrations. It was during mass at Saint Paul’s Cathedral on June 3 that small circular tattoo was seen for the first time. While it is rare for members of the British royal family to go under the needle, Amelia Windsor, the granddaughter of the Queen’s cousin, the Duke of Kent, has several tattoos.

Princess Eugenie’s weekend was marked by other firsts: his one-year-old son August attended his first Trooping the Color and he also made his Royal Family debut in the Platinum Jubilee Parade on June 5. Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s son, whom they nicknamed Augie, wore an adorable blue Union Jack sweater.

A particular symbol for Eugenie’s tattoo

Princess Eugenie’s small tattoo could have a very special meaning. If she did not speak about what he meant to her, traditionally, circle-shaped tattoos have a philosophical meaning. Tattoo Seo explained to OK! : “ It is one of the most basic symbols, but still powerful. The circle is a representation of the universe in its simplest form “, before adding:” It is a primitive symbol that depicts life and the cycle that leads to death and life again. The circle represents the cyclical nature of the universe and all life on Earth. » Cyclical tattoos such as Eugenie’s can also symbolize the sun and timeaccording to tattoo experts cited by The Daily Express.

Other members of royal families around the world have visible tattoossuch as Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, Princess Stephanie of Monaco and Princess Sofia of Sweden.

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Photo credits: Malcolm Park/CPNA Pool/Shutterst