Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary: ​​with messages on networks, they forgot about the separation rumors | Famous

On the one hand, the artists have documented their differences on social networks as well as on their reality show ‘De Viaje con Los Derbez’ and, on the other, they have also been the center of multiple accusations and criticism from the audience and others. public figures.

Turning a deaf ear, the couple today celebrated a very important milestone in their relationship.

Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo have been the center of rumors of a possible separation

In recent months, Aitana’s parents have been in the eye of the hurricane, since the comedian’s absence from their home generated all kinds of speculation.

In particular, the astrologer Mhoni Vidente has assured on a couple of occasions that she visualizes the end of the marriage.

The most recent of these alleged predictions came in the first days of July, when he assured that there would be a divorce involved because Eugenio Derbez would be dating someone else.

Weeks ago, Alessandra Rosaldo had already clarified the omens of the seer. On July 17, she expressed to the program ‘Al Rojo Vivo’:

“Oh, Mhoni Vidente has said so many things so many times (…) All that they say out there, doesn’t exist. The reality is what we live day by day and well, we already laugh”.

Eugenio Derbez explained why he has been away from home for months

On June 6, the comedian published a short video in his Instagram stories in which he expressed his emotion at returning home “after months.”

“I think I left my house at the end of January and I only stepped on it once to change my suitcase. From then on, I’ve been out all year… I already need my bed!”, She commented on said social network.

Although he did not explain the reasons that led him to move away from home, months ago he revealed that he has had multiple work commitments: the Oscars, the promotion of the film ‘The Valet’ and the shooting of another film, of which has offered fewer details.

Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo celebrated an important anniversary

On her Instagram account, the 50-year-old singer revealed one of the first interactions they had as a family after their reunion.

Both accompanied their daughter Aitana to a park, where she challenged them to get on a tube apparatus: although the 7-year-old girl claimed that it was a “very easy” task, neither of her parents managed it.

That yes, the two took it with the humor that characterizes them and Alessandra even joked that “well they say that the 3 Musketeers is not the same as twenty years later… Or in our case, forty years later”.

24 hours later, this July 7, Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo celebrated their tenth wedding anniversary in style, showing that their relationship is not in danger.

The ‘CODA’ actor posted on his Instagram account a short video of his religious bond, below which he reiterated his:

“Commitment to have electricity and water in our home. But above all, with the commitment to continue drawing a smile on your face”.

For her part, the vocalist of Senses Opposites shared a compilation of multiple moments with her husband and, at the bottom of the video, wrote:

“The happiest 10 years of my life (…) 10 years and counting… Counting laughter, triumphs, incredible experiences, good and not so good times, challenges, learnings, blessings, unforgettable moments, great stories, love” .

In addition, in her Instagram stories, Alessandra Rosaldo showed that Eugenio Derbez sent her a large bouquet of roses to celebrate this milestone.

Along with the detail, he sent him a card on which it was read:

“Thank you for agreeing to walk the rest of your days by my side, and for fighting every day to keep this beautiful family together.”