Eugenio Derbez calls AMLO a ‘liar’ in a video where he clarifies his photo at Xcaret

Mexico.- A Eugenio Derbez he didn’t mind taking a break from his work or that the signal wasn’t good, to upload a video to your channel Youtube in which he calls a ‘liar’ Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) for having said that the comedian was at the opening of Xcaret in Quintana Roo.

The President of Mexico assured in his ‘morning’ on April 25 that Eugenio Derbez and the other celebrities who are part of the #SélvameDelTren campaign They canceled the agreed meeting they had to talk about the mayan train.

Derbez and Natalia Lafourcade, Bárbara Mori, Saúl Hernández, Regina Blandón, Fabiola Campones and Rubén Albarrán, among other artists, are against the construction of the Mayan Train because they assure that it will have a serious environmental impact in the south of the country. However, AMLO has made it clear that his project will not damage cenotes or underwater rivers.

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And after the president assured that Derbez canceled his attendance, he called him a hypocrite and accused him of being just a ‘pose’ with his position against the Mayan Train.

Eugenio Derbez, Bárbara Mori, Kate del Castillo and Natalia Lafourcade are part of #SélvameDelTren./ Photo: Capture

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Derbez responds to AMLO on YouTube

Although Eugenio Derbez is not currently in Mexico because he is filming his new movie, AMLO’s “morning” reached his ears and he decided to publish a video on your channel Youtube clarifying several of the statements made by the president.

First, the protagonist of the film “Coda: Signs of the Heart”said that he was the only celebrity who was kind enough to advise that he could not meet with AMLO to discuss the Mayan Train, but that the cancellation of this meeting occurred by the Mexican government.

“As many know, today we had a meeting with the president and they canceled it yesterday, 24 hours before the meeting, arguing that the members of this movement (‘Sélvame del Tren’), the famous ones, had said that we were not going to attend” , began by explaining Derbez.

The comedian who recorded his video with a sea in the background reported that he had a contract for two months and for this reason he was unable to fly to Mexico to meet with AMLO, not on a whim.

“I have a contract with a North American studio and I have had this date set aside for two or three months and I cannot be in Mexico City… It was physically impossible for me to attend,” he stressed.

Eugenio Derbez posted a video on YouTube about AMLO, the Mayan Train and Xcaret./ Photo: Capture

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Denies inauguration in Xcaret

Eugenio Derbez continued with his video in response to AMLO, to clarify the photo in which he appears at an event in the Xcaret park, located in Carmen beach in Quintana Roowhich, according to the president’s data, was the inauguration.

“And another thing more. She wanted to clarify; It was said today in the morning that I inaugurated Xcaret. No, I did not inaugurate Xcaret, there is no need to lie. That photo of Xcaret was from four years ago when I was driving the Platinum Awards”, he explained.

“Xcaret was inaugurated in 1990, in 1990 I was a baby, I didn’t have the face that I have in the photo they exhibited in the morning. You don’t have to lie because if they lie, they’re not going to believe that they’re not going to knock down any trees and they’re not going to destroy any cenote, that’s a lie,” clarified the creator of “The P. Luche family”.

Eugenio Derbez’s photo exhibited in AMLO’s ‘morning’./ Photo: Capture

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He jokes like Armando Hoyos

Eugenio Derbez also used his characters already known as El Lonje Moco, Armando Hoyos and Eloy Gamenoto tell AMLO that if what he wanted was to take a photo with him, he would have gone happily ever after to the National Palace, which in turn contradicts his explanation that he could not travel to Mexico City for work reasons.

“If the president, what he wanted was a photo with me, I would have gone to the National Palace, happy with life… I personally take the photo, I do the voice of The Lonje Moco: ‘It was horrible it was horrible’. I do the one of Eloy Gameno: ‘Listen, don’t listen, hey me canceled, with 24 hours to go, listen to me, the environmentalists had already paid for their plane ticket to go to Mexico City, listen, no’. I make a joke of Arming Holes: ‘If López is Obrador… is it because he ate a lot of fiber?'” Derbez joked, doing the voices of his characters.

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