Eugenio Derbez celebrates Radical film premiere at Sundance Film Festival – El Sol de México

Eugenio Derbez presented his film Radical, which he stars in and produces, at the Sundance Festival, and had its premiere this Thursday night at the independent film competition.

“You can tell that I was crying throughout the movie,” said the actor in a clip shared on the festival’s networks. “It’s very moving, because I know it’s based on a true story. And I know the characters and the real situation,” adds Derbez.

Radical was written and directed by Christopher Zalla, and follows in the footsteps of a teacher working in a border town who, tired of his students’ apathy, tries a new method to awaken their potential.

Eugenio, who attended the festival accompanied by his wife and daughter, added that the cut that was presented at the festival is even more emotional than the first, and he was moved by the idea that teachers know this story.

“I am very happy because I am excited for the world to see it. These people who are changing the way of educating not only in Mexico but throughout the world, they should see this tape and reconsider the way they teach.”

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This is the second time that the Mexican has been present at Sundance, since two years ago he presented the film CODA on that stage, which was placed as the most successful of that edition with four awards, and later won the Oscar for Best Actor. for Troy Kotsur and also received the award for Best Picture.