Eugenio Derbez thus arrived at the Oscars 2022 and boasts the gift of Alessandra Rosaldo, today they celebrate 16 years of marriage

Hollywood.- Eugenio Derbez looks like a child who goes to an amusement park for the first time, because through his social networks he is sharing his nerves and the emotion of debuting in the Oscar Awards 2022.

The movie CODAin which Eugenio Derbez performs, competes in several categories, including the most important of the night: Best film.

This is the first time that the Mexican actor and director attends the Academy Awards gala that takes place at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, and through his Instagram account he has shared several moments, in addition to showing off the great detail that he had his wife Alessandra Rosaldo, who could not accompany him due to work commitments.

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Eugenio Derbez shared through a video that exactly today they celebrate 16 years of marriage and showed off the huge arrangement of golden roses that the singer Alessandra Rosaldo sent him with a double reason: to celebrate their wedding anniversary and to wish him the golden statuette tonight .

Derbez published several videos, and in one of them he showed his nervousness during the journey until he reached the red carpet of the Oscar Awards. Photos: Video Capture

Thank you for making each day special. 16 years full of love. I love you @alexrosaldo “, Derbez wrote next to the video in which he shows off the huge flower arrangement.

Alessandra Rosaldo replied: “I love youoooooooooooo my life!!! Golden roses to match the golden statuette you will bring home.”

Reveals Derbez ‘secrets’ of the Oscar gala

In another video from the Waldorf Astoria hotel, Derbez shared some “secrets” and curious facts about this gala.

In the clip, he explained that he was about to leave for the red carpet, and explained that from 12 noon they passed by him, contrary to what he believed that everything developed later.

“They pick us up at 12 noon, all the logistics are so complicated that there’s hardly any time… because you have to get to the rug on time, it’s a very long rug,” he explained.

Derbez said that he wanted to share many of the little-known details, such as during the gala, when a celebrity wants to go to the bathroom, there are people specially hired to take his place at that time, because at no time during the ceremony should you see some empty seat

“This is something that nobody knows, there is food under the seats, it’s real, they put a little bag of food under you,” explained the creator of La Familia P. Luche, because although the artists are never seen eating on screen, if they get hungry in the commercials they can take the opportunity to take a bite.

Eugenio Derbez looks like this on the red carpet of the Oscar Awards. Photo: Instagram

Derbez also shared his arrival on the red carpet, in a video that he posted on his networks you can see the route he had to take in the vehicle to get to the Dolby theater, at one point he lowered the glass to greet some fans gathered around who they recognized.

Eugenio Derbez’s nervousness was evident when he was about to get out of the car, because in the video he worried about his bag that for a second “lost sight” and even bit his nails.

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