Euphoria’s Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike Continue Their Romance in Sunny Mexico City

The duo, who we love to see on the small screen, formalized their off-camera relationship (California, January 5, 2022.) Abaca

The two stars of season 2 ofEuphoria have formalized their love story through several publications on social networks.

As a couple on the screen as in the city. In season 2 ofEuphoria, Jules (played by transgender actress Hunter Schafer) begins a relationship with Eliott (played by Dominic Fike). And now the duo, which we love to see on the small screen, has formalized their romance off-camera. On February 11, the 26-year-old actor confirmed the rumors circulating about a possible love affair between them, by posting an adorable story on his Instagram account.

Captured by fan accounts, we see the two lovers kissing during a dinner at the restaurant. In legend, Dominic Fike writes “Happy birthday”. A photo formalizing their relationship, after the paparazzi saw them at the end of January, leaving a restaurant in Los Angeles.

Holidays in Mexico

If they remain rather discreet on social networks, it seems that their relationship is in good shape. Indeed, the two stars ofEuphoria took off last week with some friends. Singer The Kid Laroi posted several photos on his Instagram account, in which Hunter Schafer and Dominic Fike appear more in love than ever. The destination of their vacation is still unknown, but different media have speculated about Mexico. On another publication, shared this time by the main interested party, the couple appears very complicit in a pose of the most suggestive.

Singer before actor

Dominic Fike became known to the public thanks to his role in the second season ofEuphoriain which he portrays the character of Eliott, a sensitive boy, a close friend of Rue (played by Zendaya). Before that, the actor was known for his activities in the music world. Singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist, he has collaborated with personalities such as Justin Bieber and Paul McCartney. Dominic Fike also released his debut album in 2020, What Could Possibly Go Wrongon the Columbia label.

We no longer present Hunter Schafer, 21, American model and actress – she now parades for brands like Prada, Dior and Maison Margiela. Revelation of the HBO series, directed by Sam Levinson she plays the role of Jules, a transgender teenager and girlfriend of Rue. While season 2 ended on January 28, several actors have already confirmed the preparation of a third part.