Eurovision 2022: A candidate accused of animal abuse, her costume pledge of “violence” and “sadism”

Problem, this outfit is already talking about her certainly, but not for her very sexy side. Several anti-bullfighting netizens criticized this combination because of its direct reference to bullfighting (to bullfighting where bulls are put to death by a bullfighter). Accused of promoting animal abuse, the young woman received numerous criticisms on Twitter.

I don’t think a combination that defends animal abuse be the best option“, “Couldn’t be more backward, have less good taste and be older… To represent Spain in Europe with a bullfighter’s costume is to flaunt Paleoism, animal abuse, anti-progress, the land of pandereta, blood and violence, of violent and sadistic Spain….“, “My god, the bullfighter’s costume is so stupid. Even more typical and in addition to animal abuse.” can we read in the comments.

Trying (somehow) to defend herself, Chanel Terrero replied: “I’m wearing a bullfighter’s jacket but I’m not dressed as a bullfighter“, before adding during an interview with the site : “It’s fashion and it has nothing to do with it. I have never been to a bullfight and I am not in favor of bullfightingSo, will Chanel Terrero’s suit hurt her performance and final ranking tonight?