Eurovision 2022: Ukraine wins the 66th edition, discover the place of France

After several hours of music and competition, the 66th Eurovision 2022 ceremony has come to an end. The big winner has been revealed and it is Kalush Orchestra, the Ukrainian rap group.

It is in the heart of Turin in Italy that the festivities were opened for the 66th ceremony of Eurovision. Who says Italy says… Laura Pausini. In addition to being part of the masters of ceremonies with Mika and Alessandro Catalan, the singer started the evening by offering a magnificent medley bringing together her best songs including her hit Loneliness. But that’s not all because her different outfits made the buzz with Internet users.

A few days after a semi-final rich in twists and turns for the candidates where Mika had a look mocked by Laurence Boccolini who comments on the evening with Stéphane Bern, 25 candidates followed one another for a performance of madness. For most artists, the songs were performed in English except for Serbia or even France, which rose to fifth position during the evening. That said, there was still the vagaries of live, in particular because of Stéphane Bern’s gaffe In addition to the incredible performances of the artists, Mika also took part in the celebration by also offering a show with excerpts from his best songs. What better way to make the public wait while waiting for the end of the votes and above all, to relax the atmosphere.

Ukraine wins Eurovision 2022

For this edition, the artists made it possible to experience different emotions, whether thanks to the frenzied performances of Spain or Romania, the moving walks, the shivering interpretation of Serbia, the Norwegians disguised as wolves to ward off the big bad of their grandmother thanks to a banana or even the heady raps of Germany and Ukraine… There was something for everyone. In particular with the Breton group Alvan and Ahez who took the risk of not singing in English unlike their competitors for the evening.

After several hours of shows, glitter and music of course, the evening came to an end. And to close this final, the name of the big winner has been announced and it is Kalush Orchestra, the rap group representing Ukraine. The artists were seen as the big favorites of this edition. France finished in 24th place.