Eurovision 2022: why is France directly qualified for the final?

Each year, France, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom and Germany are automatically qualified for the grand final of Eurovision. A pass linked to a very particular reason.

Will France bring back the trophy of Eurovision This year ? Will Alvan & Ahez overtake Barbara Pravi and finally succeed Mary Miriam ? One thing is certain, this group will shine with its originality on Saturday May 14, in Italy. On the other hand, do not count on them to change the lyrics of their song interpreted in Breton. If they are going to represent France, Alvan & Ahez have no intention of singing in the language of Molière.

It shows that this language is still very much alive, that we are between 23 and 26 years old and that we speak it. For a very long time, our grandparents were not allowed to speak Breton, it was forbidden. Now we’re here speaking Breton daily”, confided Sterenn Diridollou, one of the singers, with France Bleu Armonique. And too bad if some have compared the group’s performance to a “satanic trick”, Alvan & Ahez are very eager to represent the colors of France and Brittany at Eurovision.

The “Big Five” of Eurovision

This Tuesday, May 10, the competing countries will compete to the first Eurovision semi-final. No need to rush to television sets to discover the performance of those who hope to succeed Maneskin. The entire first semi-final will be broadcast on YouTube, as will the second, the date of which is scheduled for Thursday, May 12.

On the other hand, we will have to wait for the final on Saturday May 14, live from Turin, to discover the performances of France (represented by Alvan & Ahez), Italy (represented by Mahmood and Blanco), the United Kingdom (represented by Sam Ryder), Germany (represented by Malik Harris) and Spain (represented by Chanel). The reason ? Qualified automatically, the five countries are more commonly called the “Big Five” within the competition. Like they are biggest financial contributors of the competition, they do not need to go through the semi-final box. A major advantage for the candidates of the countries concerned, who can concentrate on their rehearsals before the grand final.