Eva Habermann: Conflicts were ignored at home

How are conflicts dealt with in families? A topic that also concerns celebrities, as they reveal to BUNTE. “With us, conflicts were usually swept under the carpet,” says actress Eva Habermann (47). “It only worked until my mother’s hat cord broke and the reaction was extremely violent.”

Eva Habermann’s colleague: She made bullying with herself

Her colleague Radost Bokel (47) was completely on her own: “Because of my fame, I used to be bullied,” said the star from “Momo” to BUNTE. “I made it up with myself. Maybe it wasn’t that good, but I was always a person who didn’t want to burden others with his problems.” And the psychologist and bestselling author Stefanie Stahl (59) says BUNTE: “We dealt openly with conflicts. I learned that conflicts are not bad and that a relationship has to endure it.”

You can read the whole story in BUNTE 04/2023, available at newsstands from Thursday (January 19)..

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