Eva Longoria posted a video on Instagram dancing to ‘Como la Flor’ by Selena Quintanilla during her visit to Oaxaca | Famous

Eva Longoria certainly knows how to have fun with a Mexican touch. She thus demonstrated it recently by walking through a city in this country and dancing to the rhythm of Selena Quintanilla.

It is worth remembering that the ‘Desperate Housewives’ actress has been in Mexico for a couple of weeks.

The reason for his extended visit to the country is that he is recording the television program ‘Looking for Mexico’, a CNN production that explores the culture, gastronomy and even the human side of that nation. The show is a twist on the ‘Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy’ series.

Until now, the Hollywood celebrity has visited Jalisco, Veracruz, the Yucatan Peninsula and, more recently, Oaxaca.

Eva Longoria posted a video dancing to ‘Como la flor’ by Selena Quintanilla

In the middle of the filming of the aforementioned project, the native of Texas had the opportunity to enjoy the streets of the Oaxacan capital as a tourist.

Upon hearing that the song ‘Como la flor’, Eva Longoria took out her best steps and danced with one of her traveling companions.

The moment was documented on social networks with a short video and, at the bottom, a short text that said (in English) “You can get the girls out of Texas… but you won’t get Texas out of the girls”; she added her with a hashtag “Selena forever”.

The Instagram post was filled with hearts and applause from her fans, who celebrated both her love of Oaxaca and Tex-Mex music.

On his way through the state capital, he was also amazed by the crafts and traditions of the place, as he showed in his stories on said digital platform.

In one snapshot, for example, he showed his son Santino holding hands with a calenda monkey, a doll of monumental size and human form that is used in wedding celebrations.

Similarly, the actress shared a short video of the celebrations of about XV years in the middle of the avenue.

Thus, Eva Longoria enhanced her Mexican roots.

Eva Longoria celebrated Mother’s Day in Mexico

Due to her work commitments, the Hollywood diva had to spend Mother’s Day in Mexico. However, this did not represent any problem for her and her son, her Santino, since her little one has accompanied her throughout her journey through the country.

With a collection of photos and short videos, Longoria thanked the man she had with Pepe Bastón for making her a mother.