Eva María Abad cries and asks for help after falling back into drugs | Magaly Medina celebrity RMMN | SHOWS

After spending several years away from the screens, the former dancer Eva María Abad reappeared in the program “Magaly TV: The Firm” to make a harsh confession after relapsing to drugs.

The remembered exvedette looked for the program of Magaly Medina to ask for help and enter a rehabilitation center to ensure that he wants to change the course of his life.

As he narrated in the show space, five years ago he returned to the world of drugs and has come to consume cocaine on a weekly basis, however, he has decided to end his addiction.

For me I wouldn’t have wanted to relapse, it’s over and I have to look forward, it’s worse if I continue and don’t tell anyone. This is not a game. (…) In fact I am afraid, but I have to move on“, he pointed Eva Maria Abad in tears.

With the help of the “Urraca” program, the remembered 46-year-old artist managed to voluntarily enter a rehabilitation center in Pachacamac. “I will meet the goal”, Eva María commented with a broken voice.

Eva Maria Abad She was one of the most popular dancers between 2005 and 2010 but not only because of her slender figure, but also because of her scandals such as her drug problems and her links with Cromwell Gálvez.


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