Eva Mendes explains how she divides the household chores with Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes strolling the streets of New York (USA, November 26, 2012.) Abaca

The actress confided in an interview with the magazine PeopleFriday, May 13.

Eva Mendes has always loved cleaning. So much so that she decided to invest in the brand of cleaning products Skura-Style, specializing in antimicrobial sponges, which she has been promoting on her Instagram account since May 5. Cleaning freak, actress Holy Motorswho confided in the magazine People thus returned to the distribution of domestic tasks between her and her husband, Ryan Golsing.

And Esmeralda and Amada’s parents seem to have found their balance. “Ryan is the cook. He is an incredible cook, she said of her partner. I think there is a very good balance between us, it’s not much: ‘you cook, I clean’. And it works for us.”

In video, Eva Mendes speaks about the education of her children with Ryan Gosling

Therapeutic aspect

Eva Mendes confessed to love doing the dishes, even ensuring that it was therapeutic for her. “Life is so chaotic. In fact, the only thing I can control is my house, my kitchen. So when I do the dishes, it’s meditative for me,” she explained. And to add: “It really goes further than simple cleaning. It really gives me clarity in my ideas. A clean sink equals a clear mind to me.”

The actress, who grew up in a modest family, and in a “very small apartment”, in southern California, confided that she had to do household chores all the more during her youth. The one who has now founded a family with her companion, the star actor of La La Landcan therefore count on the latter to get behind the stove.

A feminist actor

In 2017, Ryan Gosling confided in the Swiss magazine female , and returned to its part of femininity. “I’m proud of it,” he said. And it would do a lot of men good to look for that in themselves. I have always preferred the company of women. I was raised by my mother and my older sister. Even today, I am the only man in the house. Women are better than us and they make me better.”

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