Eva Padberg: About her marriage: “Since we’ve had a child, we’ve argued a little more often”

Eva Padberg (42) is not only a model and actress, but also a musician. The 42-year-old lives with her husband Niklas Worgt (41), to whom she has been married since 2006, and their three-year-old daughter in the Uckermark.

In the new “TV Magazine Gala“Padberg now speaks privately with Annika Lau (43) about their relationship and what has changed since the couple had a daughter together.

Eva Padberg: “The common music makes us stronger”

Eva Padberg has not only been with her husband for over 25 years, but the couple also makes music together as Dapayk & Padberg. “Playing music together makes us stronger,” says Padberg.

But despite the great harmony, there is also certain friction between her and her husband. “Since we’ve had a child, we’ve argued a little more often,” admits Eva openly and explains: “Even if you’ve been together for over 20 years and have experienced a lot together, it’s just a completely new situation that you’re in first have to grow into it.”

But now, after three years, you would manage it as a family together, she emphasizes. “We try to talk about everything and communicate. He can actually do that better than me.” The model is the quieter part of the relationship and her husband often has to “tettle” out of her what’s going on, reveals Eva Padberg in an interview with Annika Lau.